The mind is everything.

What you think you become.

~ buddha

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Once, being clueless about my life made me feel I had no purpose in life. Then, it sparked me. I need to find what I want to do and what I like instead of hearing people's thoughts and choices for me. That very well triggered my love for Tamil and children. My poly life changed my entire life. I have always walked through doors with an open mind but never did I have any people who I can listen to. Walking into school, meeting different kinds of people was like a refreshing mint. Having connections with others and conversing with people made me question my purpose yet again. 

My passion for acting and talent for poetry writing peeked out of me through the various modules that I have attended, which allowed me to explore. My exploration did not stop within the school boundaries but made me participate in events which allowed me to showcase my talents. Through that, I realised that I can volunteer in Tamil organisations such as Tamil Representative Council Youth Wing, and Singapore Tamil Youth Club that does events for the Tamil Community and encourage them to join and help each other. It has been satisfying to give back to the Community which has helped to be the person I am and motivates me to do more.